GO GO PYROKITTY & JKNES, So here it is the lovely prizes for this contest...

So here it is the lovely prizes for this contest in holding. Its a drawing contest and anyone is available but only have two wins, one for pyro and one for demoman. So here are the rules. First must draw either my oc pyrokitty (and if you have an oc of your pyro and you draw it then it doesn’t work) next it ends July 1 and last when you turn it in plz tell me if you want demoman or pyro figure. Sorry this is my first time doing something like this and look at the prizes. Make sure you note me once your done, and please tell me if your going to be in the contest too so i know who is going to be in the contest.

also make sure that you send me the art work so i can save it into my computer so i can hold onto it and remember to tell me the figure you want, also i cant do international shipping and you have to be comfortable giving me your address if i do choose you

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